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The GTi-6

May 13, 2012 - 8:05 pm

Hot hatch heavenThe 306 GTi-6 is a popular 90s hot hatchback / Popular with the motoring press for it’s excellent chassis, sublime handling, practicality and outright grunt, the GTi-6 won plaudits as a ‘grown up 205 GTi.’ While not as fearsome in reputation as the 205 GTi widowmaker, the ‘6’ could still lift off oversteer on demand – quite at odds with many modern hot hatches that tend to quell any such antics with electronic aids and a chassis that understeers.

The 2 litre engine is torquey and feels muscular with one of the best 4 pot soundtracks there is. Revving to 7250rpm as standard and producing 167bhp, it hauls the ~1200kg hatchback forward with impressive speed, even by today’s standards.

The GTi feels at home on the Motorway with it’s 6th gear, yet longs to be reunited with it’s home turf, the B road. With pedals perfectly spaced for heel and toe, and a fantastic gearbox that really makes the most of the revvy engine, the 306 can set a devastating pace cross country especially on twisty roads. The chassis inspires confidence allowing you to carry high speeds through corners – even more so with modern tyres. Indeed those owners of more expensive machinery can testify that you have to work hard to keep up with a well driven GTi-6 down a country lane, whatever car you’re in.

With these cars now nearing the bottom of their depreciation curve, theres never been a better time to pick up a bargain and discover what a proper driver’s car feels like.

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