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Peugeot 306 gti 6

July 29, 2016 - 9:43 pm
pug1off stage 2 195bhp kit. 86K miles

For sale is my Peugeot 306 Gti. The main reason that i’m selling it after five years of ownership and spending a fortune on it, is that I very rarely drive it now. (In the last year I have done 1119 miles visiting family once a month, just to blow the cobwebs out of it) I have got a van that is more economical for my 70 mile a day round trip for work. And the fact that i can chuck my dogs into the back of it without worrying if, it gets scratched is a real god send. I’ve just bought a MPV for my other half as we are expecting another child soon, this vehicle suits our family requirements. To be honest I don’t want to sell this car, and if i had the storage space to keep it and the time to enjoy it then wouldn’t be listing it! but needs must. It is genuine low millage. Overall better than average condition for a 17 year old car. Comes with 12 months mot, had no advisory’s. Type into google : MOT HISTORY CHECK / enter vehicle reg, & make to see millage history ect… It has been well looked after. I have old mot certificates going back until 2008 @ 40666 miles. Some old receipts of services before my ownership. Work carried out by pug1off in order of millage and receipts (71544 miles) XU10J4RS Stage 2 195bhp package cat cams 4903106, ecu remap to suit Revs to 7800, new cambelt & water pump £1316.10 plus the cost of the cams £480.00 I supplied a stainless 4-2-1 maniflow exhaust bought from spoox costing around £700.00 pug1off fitted it at a cost of £475.00. (Some info about this package from Matt jobbling’s website) independently dyno tested at 195 bhp and 155 lb.ft torque. Offering large amounts of additional power allied to strong mid-range torque and excellent drive-ability, the pug1off stage two tuning package represents a cheaper alternative to throttle body conversions and is lighter on insurance premiums too. I’ve owned a few 306 Gti’s over the years but this by far has been my favorite. It has got more mid range power than the standard Gti at 4500 rpm and this set-up’s power curve doesn’t really kick in until 5000 to 7800 rpm. Yes their are those of you on the Gti6 forum, saying that its not a bespoke ecu map & your right. But if you have got a budget to buy the Emerald ecu & jenveys then your half way their with this set-up for the stage 3 around 209 bhp using standard internals! (81305 miles) head gasket failed Pug1off refaced the head, rebuilt the head including valve lapping, I asked Matt for brand new hydraulic tappets as my old ones had a ticking sound so they were replaced. It also had a lightweight alloy bottom pulley whilst it was having the work done. Along with a new alternator belt. They also Fitted a new bottom hose and used evens water-less coolant. Total cost £1198.69 (benefits of using water-less coolant are, it does not boil at 100 degrees, their for it doesn’t put pressure on coolant pipes or fixings. It doesn’t cause anything to rust overtime where as anti-freeze breaks down over the years, eating away at things like coolant pump impellers, core plugs ect. It also will last the life of a vehicle) (83089 miles) pug1off reconditioned the rear beam and stuck a new clutch cable on it £442.14. Replaced with new rear handbrake cables, rear subframe mounts ( which i supplied i have a parts receipt of £162 for some of theses bits all genuine peugeot parts) Replaced the rear brake disc back plates and rear hub assemblies i cant find the receipt for these parts but you can see if you stick your head under the car! (86461 miles) pug1off fitted a 16 row oil cooler, thermostatic sandwich plate, and pipe work. Oil and filter change, Replaced top engine mount, replaced the front flexi brake pipes (which i supplied) replaced front to rear left brake line, bleed the system and a few other bits totaling £662.53 Also replaced on the car but not in order of when during my ownership! The car has got a new 2.5″ jetex exhaust which is the quietest system for the 306 (has a large middle box). the car doesn’t have a cat on it as its free flowing. £319.73 its not a boomy intrusive set up at motorway speeds.Within the last 500 miles its had new front wishbones, lower bottom ball joints new with vibra technics p-bushes and new drop links. £390.00 and had the tracking done.EBC grooved and dimpled front and rear brake discs with green stuff pads. (They have only covered about 1000 or so miles)Reconditioned front brake calipers, and sliding pins.pug1off short shift for be3 box and linkage rods.idle control valve £34.55OMP upper strut brace £98.46 Upper strut mountsFront and rear bilstien dampers. (black not the yellow ones) used ebaich front lowering springs (30mm drop).QH Front track rod ends £12.94Four Toyo proxes T1-R £168.23 still practicably new.Air-con removal kit around £100. (Same as the Rallye)Lower operating thermostat (82 degrees)Adjustable temperature controlled cooling fan switch.Two new 12″ cooling fans.Four genuine Peugeot new coil packs £170Pipercross air filter with a custom heat shield £120Injectors have been cleaned and serviced, to as-close to, new specifications as possible. Work carried out by injector tune 56.00.Uprated BM lower engine mount. Engine and gearbox mounts are standard ones as i didn’t like the vibration coming through the car with hard compound mounts. (created from the camshafts at idle) Also had a reconditioned gear box from Miles Horne @ pug racing i know this was at least £350.00The clutch had been replaced by the previous owner at around 60,000 miles, which was ever-dent upon replacing the gear box. Gas flown polished inlet manifold and throttle body.A Bosch lambda sensor £67.34Spooxs motorsport brake vacuum pipes. New Spark plugs around 2000 miles ago.Has an engine Oil and filter changes every 3000 miles.HID head lights and front fog lights.Peugeot rear parcel shelf blind.Peugeot boot tray.Spare is also a alloy.lockable Storm force car cover will come with the car £110 new. car comes with 3 x keys A4 folder full of receipts and the 306 handbooks I’ve probably missed items from this list, but overall its tidy for its age handles really well and still pulls like a train, it never fails to put a smile on my face. Like with any auction its always better to view a car before you buy to avoid any disappointment. The car is in Northampton for viewing, but this does not mean you are welcome to take it out for a free joy ride! Things that annoy me with the car The alarm siren doesn’t work (if your bothered about this you can pick up a second hand one from a Peugeot 206, for around £15.00, they are fitted inside the engine bay on this model and are not pron to getting wet! which is the common problem on the 306. Being fitted under the n/s/f wheel arch) The exhaust could do with re-positioning as it catches a heat shield i think, somewhere on the car when you put your foot down (in first gear) it has got a slight exhaust blow when stationary. When moving it cant be heard! it was not raised as an advisory on its recent MOT 55 MILES AGO! The rubber sheathing on the top and bottom of the ebaich springs look like they have deteriorated which cause a occasional ‘bong sound’ when turning at slow speed, as the spring doesn’t grip the metal spring retaining cups, (without the rubber compound in good condition) One side only has one section of rubber sheathing left on it, this does not effect the cars handling at all and as above it was not raised as an advisory on its MOT. Finally if you can zoom in ? onto picture number 2. To the windscreen on the passenger side just outside of the wiper blades path half way up the screen their are two stone chips Again not raised on MOT but they just annoy me. Any questions please get in touch, i do struggle to check my emails in the daytime due to the hours i work. But i will do my best to answer them in the evenings. Cash on collection. Winning bidder to get in touch after the auction. Only bid if you have the funds in the first place. Usual rules apply bid to buy. So its sold as seen with no warranties or returns. I’m not interested in swapping it for a golf gti, civic type r, scooby ect. I reserve the right to end the auction early i have the vehicle advertised else where.

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £0.99,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

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