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Peugeot 306 GTI 6 – No Reserve

September 18, 2019 - 3:38 pm

Relisted due to a complete time waster who made the winning bidlast Sunday and then decided not to get in touch or respond to any messages. I’ve had no contact whatsoever from them so relisting item again. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, no time wasters. It’s not fair on all the other honest bidders. Why bother, I just don’t get it, but it seems to be sadly quite common on ebay when it comes to bidding on cars. Honest and serious bidders only need apply. Owned for 6 years, my Peugeot 306 GTI-6 (2 former keepers) Still has a valid MOT and can be driven away (expires 30th September 2019) and drives really well for a 21 year old car. Not many left and an opportunity to purchase a project for the future, as well as a great daily run around. I’ve only done 425 miles this year since the last MOT, demonstrating just how little I’m now using the car. I’ve always owned two cars. Last MOT advisories were: front brake pad wearing, n/s/f foglamp not working, and front left tyre worn close to legal limit (the other 3 have good tread – I replaced one front tyre a while ago due to a puncture at the time when the tyres where relatively new). Since I’ve owned the car, it’s always had all the necessary work done to keep getting through the annual MOT. However, due to always planning to restore the car, any bodywork or issues that don’t affect the drivability have not been looked at and never been a personal concern. The bodywork is not in perfect shape and is potentially ready for someone to take on with a respray, etc, (if they so wished). I’ve tried to show in the photos, but the roof has some paint scarring, the o/s rear panel and front door has a long scratch down it, plus a dent in that rear quarter panel with other scuff/scrath marks. The nearside of the car has some small dents down it from doors being opened on to it over the years (from car parks). There are also other little scratch and paint wear marks around the car from it’s age. The drivers side wing mirror has a black back to it and not the usual colour coded one due to the mirror unit being replaced. I did have the replacement cover ready to be paitined but can’t seem to find it. If I do, it will come with the car. I did accidently shunt someone in the rear at slow speeds about 3 to 4 years ago on the nearside front corner, which as you can see from the picture, resulted in the bonnet getting bent on the corner and the front bumber to crack (and the loss of the trim under the headlight). I’ve never looked any further into the damage so cannot comment further apart from it seems mainly cosmetic to me. The bumper corner fitment has been affected slightly. At the time I replaced the broken headlight and the car has passed every MOT ever since. The front windscreen has a crack in it going along the bottom of the screen (see picture). Again, this has not yet affected the MOT getting passed as it’s not affecting the drivers vision in anyway. The air conditioing does not work and never has done since I bought the car. It may just simply need recharging or could be the compressor, I’ve never personally looked into it. As always, the front drivers seat has torn, but the interior and passenger and rear seats are in good condition considering their age. I’ve actually had seat covers on the front seats for the last 6 years. There is standard driving wear on the steering wheel. The gearknob leather has come away resulting in the top of it with the gear numbers on coming away, but at least I have this part still as they are getting harder to find and could be redone by someone I’m sure. The car is fitted with Phase 3 headlights and clear indicators which are the only modifications over and above the stereo being relaced with a Clarion head unit (which was done before my time). Also had a brand new Bosch Varta battery fitted last year as the orignal battery failed at a cost of over £100. The cylinder head has been replaced (back in 2014 on approx. 95K miles) due to a head gasket issue at the time. All the work was done properly with all the bills still to hand (cost over £1,000), with new gaskets, thermosat, cam belt kit, water pump, crankshaft pulley, and cylinder head bolts. The engine drives great and drives how you would expect. New LUK clutch kit and smooth clutch cable fitted around two years ago (less than 4000 miles ago) costing a few hundred pounds. V5 present, plus most of the invoices and bills since I’ve owned the car. I believe although the car is far from perfect, it is a great runner, still looks good, and with the right new home could become both a wonderful investment, but also an incredibly good looking classic that has many years of enjoyment left for a new owner. Car MOT valid until end of this month. The car drives nicely and pulls through all the gears. Gearbox feels solid. Bank transfer on collection would be preferred. Based between Reading and Oxford (Berkshire) RG8. Car can be driven away. Any questions or viewings prior to bidding please just ask. I’m hoping you can see it’s a good all round car, but it’s by no means perfect. Selling due to a change in personal circumstances. Happy bidding! Due to the nature of selling a car, I reserve the right to cancel the auction early due to other external interest. Some questions I was asked during the orginal auction last week: Q. Was there an insurance claim on the car after the shunt on the front n/s? A. NO, there was no claim made on the car. I just paid cash for a new headlight. Q. Have I had any refurbishment work carried out on the rear axle beam? A. NO, I have not. To date, this has not been required. Q. Does it come with a service book stamped up in the early years? A. Yes So, stamped service history reads as follows: 28/04/99 – 4,210 miles – First service (Peugeot)15/01/01 – 15,542 miles (Peugeot)06/09/02 – 26,717 miles (Peugeot)29/08/03 – 33,363 miles (Southgate Winchester)04/09/04 – 42,359 miles (Southgate Winchester)11/08/05 – 50,342 miles + Cambelt (Southgate Winchester)01/09/06 – 62,507 miles (Southgate Winchester)28/08/07 – 68,778 miles + Cambelt (Charters of Alton)26/08/08 – 72,411 miles (Bramdean Garage Ltd)05/09/11 – 81,703 miles (Bramdean Garage Ltd)It then states Cambelt and water pump changed by a C Bowan at 86,000 miles I have a large file of receipts dating back to 2001 passed over to me from the last owner. It is all very definitive with service invoices, etc, plus all the invoices I’ve got. The car was bought by the second owner in January 2001 at 31,664 miles. The gentlemen in question then owned it until I bought it off him in January 2013 with 86,000 miles on it. He passed me an entire file of paperwork with the car when he sold it. It’s also probably worth noting that he was also a member of the 306gti6 owners club, and through their members classifieds lisitings is how I found and ended up buying the car. This might also help to explain why I have so much paperwork with the car. On a final note. the central locking on the car works great when you lock the car with door key (using the door lock), but if you use the key fob, the boot and passenger door lock, but for some reason the drivers side door lock does not go down. If you use the key however, all the locks lock. I have both keys for the car, one of the fobs still works (just tried it), but the other does not. Any other questions, or viewings, please do not hesitate to ask. Hope this all helps. PLEASE, no time wasters. Only bid if you are serious in the car.

This car is available from eBay UK, the price at time of listing was £900.00,but may have already sold, please check eBay for further details

Peugeot 306 GTi-6s on eBay

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